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Transaction Advisory Services

TCC Corporate UAE Transaction Advisory Services (“TAS”) specialises in offering practical and objective advice in the principal areas of transaction advisory services:

  • Valuation and Analytics
  • Financial due diligence services

Strategically focused and remarkably responsive, our professionals work closely with the client and assist them in achieving their strategic objective. Our team is a hands-on, partner-led group of seasoned advisors who are focused on promoting regular, ongoing open dialogues to address client needs at every stage of the transaction cycle.

Valuation and Analytics

TCC Corporate UAE TAS assists clients on their business or share valuation requirements, for their transactional and stand-alone evaluation purposes.

Our client base comprises of companies, family owned groups and listed corporations, operating in the UAE or within the wider MENASA region. The breadth of our sector experience encompasses Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Tourism, TMT and Financial Services, amongst others.

Our Services
Investments and Transaction Analytics

Our team values quoted and unquoted companies or the associated shareholdings for a variety of reasons. We employ the best suited valuation methodology, including but not limited to discounting of future cash flows, net asset valuation, companies and transaction comparables and adjusted present valuation. Often, our work is in the context of a potential transaction, as support for determining net asset values, internal evaluation purposes or to evaluate a decision to buy or sell a business.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Our team supports the client in making valid assumptions for the future performance of a business, the assessment of an expansion or Greenfield investment. We employ a range of returns analysis tools and methods to analyze the probable financial ratios, which will determine the viability of a business venture or expansion, working closely with our clients.

We conduct an analysis of business growth plan and sustainability for an existing business or for the expansion of a new venture. Our findings and analysis is often used by the entrepreneur or shareholder to raise a new round of financing, or for evaluation by committed investors.

Business Modeling

Our team applies proven methodologies and leading edge tools, bringing a collaborative approach when helping our clients with their Financial Modeling requirements. Our team can review large and complex models, data sets and transaction fundamentals, in order to help our clients to assess value and the track the financial performance.

This function can form a part of the larger key functions, such as valuations, due diligence analysis, feasibility studies or business plans.

Due Diligence Services

TCC Corporate UAE TAS assists clients by analyzing the target’s revenue and profit drivers and the associated risks, including off-balance sheet items.

Our reports summarize the findings and evaluations encompassing the operational and financial trends of the target company. The analysis of historical financials act as the basis for such analysis which are used to define the business trends strategic structuring of a transaction to protect against value erosion.

The following list highlights indicative financial due diligence focus areas that can be tailored to specific client needs:

  • Quality of earnings normalization
  • Working capital normalization & Capital expenditures
  • Customer and vendor analysis
  • Product profitability
  • Contract review
  • Contingencies and commitments
  • Accounting policies review
  • Net asset redundancies