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Why Payroll Outsourcing?

Non-core activity: Payroll is a non-core activity that consumes major productive time and resources of most companies.

It’s a complicated process that involves significant amount of time and effort to keep this critical function under control.

Payroll paradox: Payroll is a non-strategic activity but at the same time this is the only tangible connection between companies and employees for integrating their efforts for the successful realization of company’s goal.

Costly affair: Inclusive evaluation of in-house payroll cost proved it to be a very costly affair which varies according to multiple factors such as national legislation, industry sector, company size and organization.

BDO provides a highly customizable payroll solution that optimizes the payroll activity of complex payroll structures. We work closely with large to mid-size companies to streamline and standardize their various business processes related to payroll activity.

We have extensive experience of implementing complex and multi-country payroll process through our end to end Chain Integrated Process Automation (CIPA) solution.

We have successfully implemented payroll solutions in UAE, Oman and Iraq. We have covered companies from oil and gas, technology, pharmaceutical and aviation sectors.

We provide seamless integration from monthly data input to e-banking payment and finance posting files.

We integrate both internal and external utilities including ERPs’, Time and Attendance solutions, Workday, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edward, Sun Finance and many more.

  • System customization and payroll set-up
  • WPS compliance payroll
  • Payroll calculation and processing
  • Payroll payment
  • Employee self-service portal integrated with payroll solution
  • Employee benefit administration integrated with payroll solution
  • Leave management system integrated with payroll solution
  • Social security administration
  • Payroll tax administration

  • Password protected e-payslips
  • Payroll working report
  • Headcount and payroll variance report
  • E-banking file integrated with banking platform
  • Finance and GL posting files integrated with finance solution
  • Cost center wise payroll report
  • Customized payroll report
  • Leave management report
  • Expense management report


We hope you enjoyed viewing the first two parts of our Business Services & Outsourcing(BSO) videos. We are now pleased to present you Part 3.

In Part 3, you will be introduced to our Project Management services. We deliver our services through a coordinated approach to satisfy your cross-border and/or cross-divisional needs.

At TCC Corporate, we have a team of experienced project managers, who will become your SINGLE point of contact,they will provide on-going project coordination, and assist your company to plan, monitor and drive your outsourcing initiatives/projects around the globe.

They will stay on top of things to ensure that the engaged tasks are delivered in quality and in a timely manner.

Further, through our highly secure online platform, TCC Corporate Client Portal, you will also have access to real-time information to find out the status of various tasks in different countries.

Your teams will receive reminders for required actions, and as managers, you will receive notifications on actions carried out by each of your local and TCC Corporate teams. It is also a central library, which allows you to retrieve historical documents.